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Wanted: Doner shell

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    Wow, that really stirred things up. Looks like Chase, Tim, and I can split Dons shell? James, you may be closer to me, you worked on my carbs a few months ago in Edgewood. I'd feel better cutting up the worst of the worst. Which shell is the worst?

    I'm Brian Campbells brothernlaw. As some of you know Brian engineered and hand builds a subframe for installing Honda engines. One of the biggest hurdles for the conversion is the Honda intake manifolds, hitting the firewalls. So we want to use a firewall as a jig to engineer a solution.

    Tom n Robin
    78ish 998 auto - Henry
    72 project shell - doesnt everyone have one?


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      So Tim, You're saying that if a Mini roof is removed a half inch above the gutter the top part no longer exists? Not so! It becomes a giant saucer for sliding down snowy hillsides.

      I'll post some photos this weekend.


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        What I would need is the roof with the gutter so I can remove everything all the way to the roof flange so that it then could be welded back onto a car. With the roof cut 1/2 in above the gutter there is to much stitch welding and plastic work.


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          i have a clean mark 1 shell that i think gunnar is going to have a friend buy from me, and i need a title for it. anyone got a title from one of their rusting wrecks i can get for the guy? or can i refer him or gunnar to you? i'd be willing to help haul off the scrap shell if need be. the other guy may offer cash.

          i'll also post this on another thread
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