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WTB: Used 165/10 tires

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  • WTB: Used 165/10 tires

    Looking for a set of good used 165/10 tires. Prefer them to be less then 5 years old and with at least half the tread left.

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    I'll have a set of A008s soon if you are not in a hurry. Two new, never installed, and 2 with very little mileage ( one summer on the rear wheels ).




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      We might be able to work something out. I was mainly hoping for ones that are a bit more used. The tires are going to be used for test fitting purposes and will not be my main runners.


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        If there only going to be used for testing....I've got a set of Falcons i'll sell you CHEEP! I'll look them over and PM you.
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          Thanks for the help guys. I have decided to go with a bit of a stretchier tire that I was planning on going with this summer. I'll just dismount it and put it on my current wheels after I am done with my test fitting.