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Selling my project Mk1 Mini

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  • Selling my project Mk1 Mini

    Around 5 years ago, my friend was moving out of the state, so he sold me his project Mini with the agreement that he'd likely buy it back when he came back to the area. He doesn't seem to be moving back soon, and I need the room!

    It's a Mk1 Mini -- I believe it's an Austin. Sills are rotten, trunk lid is also rusty, but doors seem to be totally rust free.

    --Car was supposedly a runner/driver when my friend parked it, but that was probably 10-12 years ago.

    --I believe he said that the car has an 1100 in it, but I'll have to check. At this point, I don't even know whether or not it turns over.

    --Car is complete -- was trailered to my house and pushed to the back yard.

    --when I moved it into its fancy tent/portable garage, the front right brake was seized up, so I pulled that drum.

    --friend said he had the title, but never found it, so I obtained a fresh title/bill of sale from one of those outfits that helps to expedite such things.

    I need to move out some other stuff that's in the "garage" before I can take pics, but I'm planning to take pics tomorrow. At this point, I have no idea what this vehicle is worth. There don't seem to be any project/restoration vehicles out there, on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

    I think he planned to get it running and drive it as-is, but I think it's probably better as a candidate for restoration.

    Pics up soon!


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    What year would you estimate it to be? I may have someone that's interested!



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      See my post in the Wanted section!!!
      I'm interested!
      My Mini is plastic.


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        Mk1 mini for sale

        Still need to get it out of the garage for its photo shoot. VIN is 7 digits long (1034572), which, I'm surmising from Chuck's article about decoding VINs, makes it a pretty late Mk 1. The title says '65, but I think that was made up out of thin air. I'm going to say it's probably a 1966 or 1967. Anyone have a guidebook that will zero in a little closer on the date? I'd swear I have a book with that info, but I don't see it on my shelf...


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          pics and a price?
          where are you located at as well.


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            Pics: hopefully tomorrow.
            Location: Madison Valley, near the Arboretum -- we're about a mile south of Husky Stadium.
            Price: Based on what a couple of people have told me, and what is/was listed on the Mini Mania website, I think $1500 is probably about the right price.


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              Pictures here!

              I've finally gotten around to getting the Mini out of the "garage" (tent) and taking pictures.


              Things I discovered:

              --It's a 998 cc engine (99H/8..... tag on engine) with rod-change gearbox.
              --engine turns over -- I pulled out the spark plugs, squirted some oil in each hole, and turned it over by hand with a wrench on the crank pulley. Turned easily, silently, smoothly.
              --rust in the usual places -- rockers, those panels where the hinges attach to the car, battery box, trunk lid, panel below the back bumper. Oddly enough, the doors seem to be completely rust-free.
              --stickers on the car indicate that it was up in BC in the past.
              --glass is all good

              Let me know if there are questions the pictures leave unanswered. You'll need a trailer to get the car home. I need to make room for a new addition -- not a Mini, but another car that's featured in The Italian Job...



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                i don't mean to be the poo in the world, but the project you are posting is a BIG deal- not a minor. it's got many rusted out panels and rust growing behind the ones that don't look rusty. there's probably over a $1000 in panels alone needed, and most folks aren't into doing their own body work. good luck with the sale, but be prepared to be low balled and have to settle for a lower price.
                Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh


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                  A poo in the world?

                  Hey Dave-

                  No worries -- feel free to be a poo. (or, from your sig, maybe you're being a pooh?) Thank you for your input. The price was more or less a shot in the dark, based on the other stuff for sale on Mini Mania and what a couple of people had suggested. If I'd started at $250 and had a hundred people come to my house waving cash, I would have felt bad knowing I'd sold it for too little. I know it's not a Cooper S (or even a Cooper), and I hope nothing I said in earlier postings implied that it was something other than a restoration project. In the first posting, I said "sills are rotten, trunk lid is also rusty".

                  Based on the interest from the Craigslist posting, I think the price isn't particularly crazy. I had one guy who's interested come look at it today, and a couple of others interested too.
                  I just listed it last night -- but if the days go by and it's not sold, then let those lowball offers fly!

                  The one thing that DOES upset me a bit is that nobody has bothered to guess why I need the room in my garage I mentioned above that it's for another vehicle from The Italian Job. Todd Fitch doesn't get to guess because he already knows what it is, and I might have mentioned something to Rodney too...
                  Last edited by Shane; 08-28-2009, 06:28 PM.


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                    Hey Shane,
                    It's good to see you out and about, (but perhaps equally sad to see that your visit is to sell one of your classic mini projects / do you still have your other project/s?). I hope all is well for you and yours.

                    Is the new "space taker" one of the elaborate beauties that get destroyed in the "mob" scene? (( OOOHHHHH , please say it's a sweet jag or some sweetheart of an exotic!!))
                    Good luck with the reciept of said space taker, and,
                    Best regards,
                    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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                      Your car? Pretty car!

                      I still have my projects -- the rusty Moke, the Mk2 S, and the 1960 850...and my dad has a Mk1 car too.

                      You asked the perfect question, because if I answer it fully (and if I remember the scene correctly), I think you'll know exactly which car I'm getting.

                      No, my car was not destroyed in the "mob" scene....but it was IN that scene.


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                        OOOHhhhhhh, Drooooolll, Any pics that are shareable yet?
                        All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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                          I might have misled you...I just re-watched that scene in The Italian Job, and, in fact, four cars were spared -- one from Michael Caine's team, and three from the other side. Though I bought my car from a gentleman in the UK, the car is not British. Its 2-liter 65-degree V-6 has three 2-barrel carbs, produces 160 HP, redlines somewhere around 9000 RPM, and was designed in Maranello to be used in several cars that share the same name, though they were made by 2 manufacturers. Does that give you enough clues?

                          I've received word from the importer today that the car has arrived in Tacoma and has cleared customs. I can go pick it up!


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                            Geez. I don't have my copy of the movie handy. Was there a Dino in there somewhere?


                            "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." -- George Harrison


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                              Ding ding ding! Give that man a prize!

                              No, there was not A Dino...there were 3 of them.
                              The Mafiosi drove a trio of black Dino coupes. When the gold is getting moved from the airport to wherever it's supposed to be going (the FIAT plant?), one of the Dinos even joins the convoy to keep an eye on the shipment.

                              Here are pics of mine getting on the hauler in England: