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1976 Mini 1000

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  • 1976 Mini 1000

    Posting for a friend, I can e-mail photos upon request:
    I have a 1976 Mini 1000 for sale. It is very rusty. It is very rusty. Please see the previous two sentences. I do have steel patch panels for the front floors included. Also included are the 948cc engine and trans which turns but was smoking when pulled. It also comes with a running 850cc engine and trans that I bought from someone fitting a Honda Vtec into their mini about eight years ago. The car and both engines have been stored inside for most of my ownership. Both drive trains are still stored inside but the car is outside. I have a clean WA state title in my name for the car that calls it out as a 1971. State patrol said they could clear it but only for the last year imported according to their books. The title has the correct VIN and is a real title, I've already gone through the waiting period and received it in the mail. Seperate from the car but also included is the front subframe in good condition. If memory serves I also have two radiators, manifolds, etc. but I think only one muffler. I am looking to get $1000 for the lot. If you want the car, I will require that we transfer it into your name in person due to past experience. You will only have to pay for transfer of title, tabs are not required. Thank you for reading my ad. Please contact Skip Holman in West Seattle at 206-372-2243 if interested. I may be able to help with delivery within Seattle if that is a concern.

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      For what it matters, this is the Mini that carried the first K head twincam conversion. The hood rust and primered front fenders were from an early startup fire. Sorry to see it go.



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        A piece of history...

        If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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          Word is that the car has been sold and is BACK ON THE ROAD! The sold part I can believe. The back on the road bit I'll have to see.