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    I have a couple of engines for sale. Cleaning out the garage in preparation for a remodel. First engine is a 1275 Cooper 's' of 1967 vintage. It is a short block only. Approx. 5,000 miles on +.040 rebuild. Everything checked out OK during the rebuild and will make a perfect conversion start. Price is $600 obo.

    Second engine is more problamatic. It is a complete MG 1000 power plant including carbs. Transmlssion and complete flywheel end of motor is included. The cylinder head is the sought after 295 as used on the Cooper 998. There are some issues with this motor. The motor is frozen and I am 99% sure it is because the pistons are seized in the bores as the motor has sat since the early 1970's. This problem can be fixed. Other particulars of this engine are unknown. Price is $250.00 or make me a ridiculous offer. This motor was a very popular upgrade for all the 850 Minis in the 60's. Contact Chris Miller

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    Chris, I'm interested in the 'S' engine. You can contact me through the website or via email or phone at 206-225-3309.


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      Cooper 'S' is sold. Comeon all you 1100 fans. This is a great opportunity to pep up that old 850.


      • #4 said 1000?....
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          Out of an MG1100. Mistype on Chris' part. 1098 engine.
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            Thanks for the correction Chuck. Indeed the motor is from an MG1100. It is 1098 cc and I don't know if it has been overbored.


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              Note that it took a home remodel to get Chris to start posting on this site...
              E-mail sent on the MG1000 lump.



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                Both engines have been sold. More unique items shortly.
                Chris Miller