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  • Austin Seven on BaT

    Nice looking Austin Seven on Bring a Trailer this morning. Originally from NZ, in Michigan now. Looks like it's pretty much all there with a minimum of "updates" save for the 998 and alternator. On ebay, buy it now $6,500.

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    Don't cha just love cars like that? The favorite of all the cars I worked on last year was un unmolested 66 850. And I have the same in a Mk II 998 (also a NZ car, I think) waiting in the wings for work.
    This one was probably built near the end of March in 1962 and may have been sold in NZ not as a CKD but as a private import. Heritage would know. With the upgraded engine and gearbox it would be a nice driver...once decent brakes were fitted.
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      The car went to just under 5K and did not make the reserve price. Now relisted with a "buy it now" of $5,500.



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        nice looking car, some times iI wish I had $5500 gathering dust
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